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Phantom Snowmobile Suit Winners
Kincardine Cup 2014 Final Results
Day 1 Kincardine Cup results
Class Line ups for this weekend!
Race update


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Phantom Snowmobile Suit Winners

Winners of the Phantom Snowmobiles Suits, GPK Kincardine Cup 2014. 
Brayden and Justin Hutchison.
Evan Archer
Kendrick Shepherd.
Suit number 5 was won by Reese Williamson who donated it back and we will be using it as part of our upcoming give away to local kids.

Kincardine Cup 2014 Final Results

Congratulations to the winners in the 2014 Kincardine Cup!

A big thank you to our hosts, The Williamson Family for their continued support in making the Kincardine Cup the best Vintage snowmobile race in Ontario.

Thank you to Richard Shantz for being the voice of the Kincardine Cup providing excellent live commentary and announcing during the race and beyond.

Thank you also to Todd Walden for spending two days with us and capturing his excellent digital images that he shares with us.

Day 1 Kincardine Cup results

Here are the standings after day one of the Kincardine Cup!

Class Line ups for this weekend!

Race update

Hi Folks:
We got confirmation of St. John’s coverage for the race so we are good to proceed with the race next weekend, weather permitting.
With the amount of snow fall and drifting that has taken place, it will take Ian and I several days to evaluate where we are at and what needs to be done as far as dealing with the snow. Ian for all the parking and spectator areas and me for the actual track itself.
Anyone that is able and willing to lend a hand later in the week, let us know as I am sure we will need it.

Race Update

Hi folks:
After speaking with a number of folks including Ian our host, St John’s Ambulance and a number of racers, here is what we are going to do.
As we are already set to run the race this weekend, we will cancel tomorrow and run a one day race on Sunday.
IF, Sunday does not work out due to weather, then and only then will we look at a re-schedule until next weekend.
Next weekend just is not a good weekend for us at all as Alicia has to work and cannot change that now so to do it all without her help would be very difficult.


Winner trophies for Master's Class and Powder Puff

1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies for the kids and youth classes.

Updated race line up.

Updated race lineup as of this morning, Jan 22, 2014.

Race line up as of this morning

Here is the race line up as of this morning. Still a couple of days to go so expect to see it grow!

If you have registered yet and want to race, please register!

Track work Jan 20, 2014

We got some much appreciated help yesterday from Bill Johnson driving the South Bruce Groomers trail groomer. He spent about an hour grooming and packing the track which will get us ready for the weekend!
Thanks Bill!
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Track work Jan 20, 2014
Justin and I hooked up our groomers after Bill was done and did some detail work.