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Latest News:
Hi everyone!
We are so happy to announce that GPK Racing has put together an agreement with Traction ERag Magazine to be the official supplier of Shellbourne Fuels products for their 15 day off road adventure in the Gaspe region of Quebec.
They will have 15 brand new Beta off-road bikes with both 2 stroke and 4 stroke bikes. 3 groups of 15 riders who will each ride for 5 days in the remote region for an unforgettable adventure and honing their off-road riding skills!
They will be running our race and trail proven products. Non oxygenated fuel enhancer to mix with the 87 octane fuel that is available to them and bringing it up to a more respectable 95 octane. To lube the bikes they will be using our premium quality 2 stroke and 4 stroke oils!
The crew will be evaluating and reviewing the products during the event and we are looking forward to see and hearing what they have to say!
This was all made possible through the endorsement of our products through our main sales outlet in southern Ontario for all things off-road, Lang’s Offroad in Dorchester, On.
This is an exciting opportunity for us and for Shellbourne Fuels!
As Lang’s Offroad and GPK Racing are the official suppliers of Shellbourne Fuels and sponsors to World Enduro Canada and Off-road, Ontario, this is another great way to support the sport!
We look forward to seeing you all at the races!
Rob Noakes
GPK Racing
Shellbourne Fuels Regional Distributor.



Latest News: April 4, 2015
The TV shows done by 
Wightman/BMTS at our Radar Run

Playlist is now posted in Kincardine Cup 2015.
We had a great day on Saturday at our 
GPK Racing Radar Run
Here is a recap of the event!
Thanks to all that were able to make it!

We have announced our 
Autism & Epilepsy Giveaway for 2014. 
Read all about it!
GPK Kincardine Cup Race 2014
John Johnston Wins!
See Latest News for final results!


May 2013
GPK Racing Sponsoring new Show Category.

"Current Race Sleds"

We have announced our 
Autism Assistive Technology Giveaway. 
Read all about it!.

An excellent weekend of racing in Listowel!
Thanks to all that came out!
Our young racers!
Back Row: Senior Youth Class
L to R - Ben Hart, Nic Baker, Nate Baker
Middle Row: Junior Youth Class
L to R - Lucas Fleer, Justin Hutchison, Ian Fleer
Front Row: 120 Class
L to R - Remington Hilderley, Brayden Hutchison
Not shown from Junior Youth class
Reese Williamson, Justin Noakes

Final Results from Listowel:

Teaser pics by Nedlaw Photos from Saturday:
Saturday Video

Sunday Videos
1st Set

2nd Set

3rd Set

GoPro Sled Cam Video
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Kincardine Grand Prix Sled Cam
Pat #209 Sled Cam on Saturday, January 26, 2013.


It's here!
The Rick Mercer Report at GPK, January 9, 2011
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RMR: Rick and Snowmobile Races
Rick races a vintage snowmobile in the Grand Prix de Kincardine.
Videos from Snowmobiler TV
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Snowmobiler TV at GPK.mpg
Snowmobiler TV came out to capture some of our race when Rick Mercer was doing their show segment. Everyone had a great day of racing and laughing!
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Phantom Snowmobiles.mpg
Our son, Justin Noakes riding his Phantom 250 around the track at our race, The Grand Prix de Kincardine in January 2011, Kincardine Ontario.Also riding their Phantoms are Holley and Connor Moffatt ...
14th Annual Snowbelt Challenge
Listowel, On!
February 13, 2011
Listowel 2011Listowel 2011Listowel 2011
Listowel 2011Listowel 2011Listowel 2011
Listowel 2011Listowel 2011Listowel 2011
Listowel 2011
A BIG Thank You to these sponsors
for their contributions!
Argis 2000 Ltd. (Listowel)
Boy’d Elevators Ltd. (Gowanstown)
Boyd’ Farm Supply (Fordwich)
Harkness Equipment Ltd. ( Harriston)
Hasta Farms (Del Cressman) (Listowel)
Innis Tractor Supply (Listowel)
Listowel Farm Supply (Listowel)
Mark Cook Drainage (Sebringville)
Molesworth Farm Supply (Listowel)
Snyders’ Graphics (Mitchell)
Tim Walker Concrete (Mitchell)
Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (Monkton)
Elmira Farm Service Listowel
Midwestern Equipment (Listowel) Ltd.
GPK 2011 Results:
Kincardine Cup Winner!
Wayne Slute, Oshawa, On.
2nd Place tie
Darcy Quinlan, Goderich, On
Pat Boucher, Dungannon, On.
3rd Place
Leroy Veentra, Strathroy, On.
Enduro Race:
Joel Muysson, Fergus, On.
Most Hole Shots
Saturday: John Johnston, London, On
Sunday: Jake Zevenberger, Shallow Lake, On.
The most unique snowmobile race around!
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